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Rotomors Pallet Shuttles

Pallet Shuttles

with 2 or More Stations

Rotomors Pallet Changers

Twin Pallet Changer

with Manual or Automatic Pallets

Rotomors Modular Pallet Changers

Modular Pallet Changing System

Rotomors Tilting Station

Automatic Tilting Station

Transfer of Pallets from Horizontal

to Vertical Machining Centers

Available Systems:

- Pallet Shuttles with 2 or More Stations
- Modular Pallet Changing Systems
- Pallet Changers for Manual or Power Pallets

- Optional Precision Load Stations
- Modular Shuttles & Rail Systems
- Automatic Tilting Stations


Rotomors Pallet Changers and Automation
Rotomors Torino
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